What’s in Your Ego Stat?

What's in Your Egostat?

 Your ego stat is my term for two factors determining your chances for living a richly rewarding life.


One of these factors is your self-image and the other is your sense of self-efficacy.

Your self-image refers to what you see yourself worthy of and where yours is set impacts every aspect of your life from whether or not you’ll go to college (and finish with a cool job waiting for you) to what you’ll do for a living, how much money you’ll feel comfortable making, what kind of car you’ll drive, and even the people you’ll associate with.

If you move too far outside of that, your “egostat” will make you feel uncomfortable until you start sabotaging yourself until you’re back to where you feel “worthy” of.

So, without going egomaniacal, make sure you have a healthy self-image and that you know in your bones that you are, in fact, worthy of graduating with honors, or landing that plum internship assignment, or being elected president of your Student Government.

If you don’t have a strong self-image, then you don’t believe in yourself, who can you really expect to?  (Outside of your Mom, of course?)

Raise Your Expectations

We get what we expect of ourselves, and we get what we expect of others.

If you are a pre-med major and you know you’re going to have trouble with “Organic Chemistry” because everyone in your fraternity tells you that ‘friends don’t let friends take Organic Chemistry,’ well, guess what’s in store for you.

Yeap.  A bear of a semester with stress, worry, and uncertainty piled on top of an already maxed out schedule.

Try something.  Imagine that this (whatever you’re dreading) is your own personal Mount Everest . You can do it.  You really can!  And it will be the most challenging and exhilarating things you have ever accomplished.

And when you’re done, you get bragging rights for the rest of your life. and your self-image will have improved. Above all, see yourself as succeeding and enjoying the journey.


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