Time Management Tips on Studying Smarter

Here are two great tips on time management on studying smarter and not getting left behind.



Time management tip on studying smarter:

I devote an entire chapter of “College Success Your Way” to how to study smarter instead of harder because this is an FAQ to me from college students across the country.

So you’re in college now and you want to get good grades but you want to study smarter, not harder, and work less? Who could blame you?  I want you to know exactly how to do as well as you need to do in college to stay in, have fun, and get a great job when you’re done.

It’s all about time management! Trust me when I tell you that not prepping for class is a HUGE time waster!  IF you don’t read the material ahead of time, and briefly review what you’ve learned so far before you go to class you are giving up prime study time.

Prime study time allows you to put less into it and remember more.

To you, this means when you read the material before you go to class and review what you’ve learned so far on your walk to class, you are preparing your mind to more easily take in the new material.

And what does that mean to you?  Better grades, less effort.

Time management tip on not getting left behind:

Falling back in school work is the kiss of death. Do whatever you must to make sure this does NOT happen to you.  Even a slight lapse is bad news.

You may know from reading my other books that I’m a big believer in staying on top of all your reading and assignments.  If, for any reason, you are not prepared for class, GO ANYWAY.

It’s a rookie mistake to think because you haven’t finished reading your assignment that the best thing is to just skip class.  You’re far too smart to fall for that one and school stinks really fast if you start falling behind.

Look, you want to do well, to graduate on time, and to move right into that great job.  And for Pete’s sake, why not enjoy the whole journey while you’re at it?

Well, if you’re going to enjoy it, which you deserve to, you need to NOT get left behind. College students should always be thinking of ways to manage time better!


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