Time Management Tip- Unplug and Watch your Grades Soar!

headphones, music, time management and study timeFirst, Unplug and then get rid of music that doesn’t help you study!


If you want to make a dent in improving your time management as a college student, take the suggestion I make from “Mind Tricks That Make Learning a Piece of Cake,” a chapter from “College Success”. In it I talk about listening to music that will actually help students study better in school.  Short story, generally it’s the classical type.  Especially, it’s the type without words.

Now, get on the right music, turn off the TV, recharge your cell phone (since you’re going to have it off anyway), and for Pete’s sake, stop surfing the net. Students, we both know what a time sucker that is when time management  is  of concern.  You’ll be shocked just how much this will improve your study time in school.

As a college student who wants to improve his/her time management skills, I want you to get really focused when you study so you can study less, remember more, and go have some fun while you’re in school.

Stop distracting yourself, get the studying done, then kick up your heels!  You deserve the break.

Second, Practice Selective Procrastination

There’s an old saying “It’s not enough to be busy, what are you busy about?”  This is something students should always consider when it comes to managing their time.

Many wildly busy college students I meet from across the country tell me that they feel as though their schedules are booked 24/7.  To see them rushing from class to class, I don’t doubt it.

But here are the tough questions college  students should think about if they want to improve study habits:

  • Does everything on your ‘to do’ list really need to be done?
  • Are you doing stuff out of habit?
  • Because you don’t know how to say no?
  • Because you’re not really sure what you REALLY should be doing, so you’re going to do a bit of everything and hope SOMETHING is the right thing?

Well you know if you’ve read my books just for college students how I feel about wasting any kind of time when you’re at college.

As a student, you should have a clear idea of what you want to get out of college, go for it with a clear focus, study smartly, and leave yourself some downtime to relax and enjoy the ride.

So next time you feel like you’re running around like a crazy person, stop in that moment and ask yourself, what can I NOT do today so that I can do the things I really need to do much better?  Taking time to improve time management skills will give you more freedom, not less!

And then, procrastinate on those activities that didn’t make it to your short list.

Trust me, even if you don’t finish every teeny tiny thing on your humongous to do list, the world will still be revolving on its axis tomorrow.  And if it isn’t, you can blame me.



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