Testimonial Page

 Lori A. Maurer, Associate HR, University of Notre Dame 

Lori Maurer, Human Resource Consultant at Notre DameKudos to Crystal for engaging a group of employees that I thought might be slow to warm up to ‘Amazing Moments-Customer Service the Notre Dame Way.” Within minutes she had the group laughing and interacting, which led to a very successful session. Crystal’s interest and diligence in learning about the College of Engineering’s mission and the duties of the staff was instrumental in delivering a quality program.


Deb Holland, PhD

Testimonial for entrepreneurial Crystal Jonas rocks the house! I first met Crystal at a workshop two years ago, and from the start I knew she would become a trusted mentor. I’ve seen her handle the toughest situations with superb skill and grace.  She is incredibly intentional and heartfelt about the presentations she puts together for people. If she does not believe something will transform people’s lives, she does not put it on the market. Her coaching provides me with tremendous wisdom that is custom tailored just for me and my current needs. She has helped me make pivotal shifts in my thinking, sometimes about topics I had struggled with for years. Whenever I work with Crystal I always walk away with more self-confidence and enthusiasm for the future. It is a rarity in today’s world to find that kind of authenticity and caring. I highly recommend Crystal for whatever speaking, teaching, or coaching needs you or your organization has.  She is an impact player in her field who adds great value to her client’s lives. In my entrepreneurial journey, I count on her advice and mentoring to get me unstuck, build momentum, and achieve my dreams. Give her a call, and give your life or organization the new direction it deserves.

Nicole Prichard-Hilliard, Project Director, PPCC

I had Crystal Jonas come out to speak to our students about Superb Self-Confidence. I think she did a fabulous job. It was funny, it was quirky, it was informative, and I would have her come out to speak again at any point in time! I would highly recommend her and anyone would be blessed to have her!

Craig West

Craig West testimonial for Keynote speakerFun, energetic, informative. Crystal is by far the best presenter ever! She is a riot, extremely charismatic, a positive person who makes you feel good just being in the same room with her.”



 Cori Dunn, Project Operations Specialist, Valley Life

Crystal was extremely knowledgeable, powerful and enthusiastic. She made this experience FUN yet informative. She had everyone laughing!

Ronna Denny

Testimonial Picture for Crystal JonasCrystal’s talk about Joy on the Job hit me in a way I cannot explain. Crystal Jonas changed my life. I realized that not only was joy on the job important, but Joy in everyday life is essential.  

 Dee Hudson

If you’re ever, ever thinking about bringing power and new innovation and just great ideas to your organization, Crystal Jonas is the way to go!

Autumn Needs

Truly captivating.  I walked away knowing that I could be a better person by putting aside my ‘preconceived notions’ and judgments of others and in turn become a happier and healthier person.

Meredith Meyers

I’ve just spent the last seven hours with Crystal Jonas. And I’ve got to tell you what an amazing, amazing teacher she is. It’s been quite incredible because of the amount of knowledge she has and the way she delivers it. And I’ve got to tell you if you are considering a membership, or seeking training or anything along those lines, I’ve got to let you know that you can trust this woman’s wisdom. She is incredibly experienced, and I was taken back by just how well she presented all the topics. I was just so impressed with how she was able to impart this knowledge. How she was able to give examples, real life examples; her own examples, but also just bring it home to us, and let us know that one: we’re not crazing for going through the things we’ve done, but two: let us understand that this is the first day of the rest of our lives in the area of the conversation of this topic. It doesn’t matter how much something costs when you find amazing value and I know that membership to this organization is worth every last dime because of what you are going to learn from it. If you are seeking a trainer or a speaker, she is worth it, she’s worth it, she’s worth it. She’s really incredible. The enthusiasm, the excitement, the motivation that everyone has left this room with has just been contagious and I can’t wait to go back and take all of my notes and write it down and just commit it to memory because she said, ‘You know what, you’ve got homework for life.’ And I appreciate that because I think that we all can be learning and growing and we should be doing it every day. I’m just really excited she’s given me this kind of foundation to just go from.

Karen Gonzales, Financial Aid Director, Vista College, Las Cruces, NM

Fantastic! I have never been to a training that I have gotten so much out of!

Carolyn White

Testimonial for Crystal Jonas Crystal is an absolute burst of fresh air! Amazing ability to deliver content and keep the class engaged. In my 30+ years of experience she is definitely one of the best presenters! Many compliments from the participants hoping she will return. Applies real life experiences to the material and gets all involved in the learning process. One in a million and I will be looking for ways to bring her back.”

Erin, Massachusetts

I felt like I was living in a fog, both professionally and personally. I was great at positive thinking, but needed Right Thinking. Now, by using techniques I learned I feel much more focused and directed towards achieving my goals and maximizing my natural abilities.

David Monroe

Crystal taught her course with energy and passion which made the class a lot more exciting and easier to comprehend.

 Stacy Harley

Stacy Harley testimonialI really love (Crystal’s) ideas and the way she expresses things, and I’ve really gotten so much out her stuff personally and professionally. She give you these concepts, but then turns it into how you can apply them to your situation and make your life better. Because of Crystal’s motivation, she has helped me be a happier person in general. So I strongly recommend that you embrace Crystal’s ideas. Give her a chance, you won’t be sorry!

Joyce B. Jackson, Director SB Admin

The training tips were spot on!

Charles L. Jones

Taught with passion and experience, Crystal connects!!!

Tina Lindell

Tina Lindell testimony picI just attended a seminar with Crystal Jonas on Emotional Intelligence and it is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal! Emotional intelligence is definitely an area that every single person needs to brush up on. At least understand themselves and to understand others. It will help you in your personal life and your professional life, and Crystal has a way of just breaking down these conceptual theories into actual, practical applications that anyone can do, any time of the day, it only takes a couple minutes. And I definitely encourage anyone who’s even considering it, to definitely take a class with Crystal.


 Rich Goldstein — Teacher, Atlantic City

Best workshop I’ve been to in 37 years!

Marvin Lowe

Marvin Lowe, radio host, The Inside Pitch, Markleville, INYou are, indeed, gifted as a speaker / presenter and it is obvious you love your profession.



Tammy Page 

Tammy Page Testimonial for Crystal JonasCrystal is a genius who is fun, funny and a real delight!! The presentation (“Communicate with Credibility and Confidence”) was absolutely fabulous, VERY enlightening and polished. Her content and knowledge is amazing! “WOWED” our group in every sense of the word. Never had I received so many positive comments. One of the long-time members said Crystal was the BEST speaker he’d ever heard and many others agreed! If you are looking for a fresh and empowering speaker that will energize your group, I would highly encourage and recommend you to book Crystal.

Trevor Owen

Well worth my time; the instructor was very charismatic.  Well done!”

 Erik Carrillo, Career Service Specialist

Eric testimonialCrystal kept the energy in the room at a high level to keep everyone involved and entertained. She taught well and thoroughly.




Michael Frownfelter – Norwalk

Has everyone’s best interests in mind. Ensures all participants have a thorough understanding of the subject.

 Andrea Reif – Learning Consultant, The University of Iowa

Thank you for presenting “How to Manage Emotions in the Workplace and Excel Under Pressure” . . . I’d like to share a sample of participants’ feedback:

  • “The instructor was the BEST! She employed the right amount of fun and entertainment with an enormous amount of information. She just kept going and going.”
  • “The speaker was UNBELIEVABLE! I just wanted to fold her up and put her in my pocket! She knew her stuff. . . very knowledgeable”
  • “Crystal was vibrant and kept your attention. . . upbeat. . . I walked away from this seminar feeling very positive and confident that I can implement these ideas not only in my work life, but also my personal life.”

It was a pleasure having you, and I will recommend your work to other organizations.

Sally Slemons, Editorial Manager

Crystal is the most brilliant trainer/speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.  She should be on PBS.

Shirley Martinez

Shirley MartinezThank you for presenting “Raising the Bar” for Women’s History Month. Your sessions were inspiring, introspective, good energy, and [provided] fun information on powerful communication skills. We appreciate your enthusiasm and help in investing in our growth.


Leslie DeWitt

Crystal’s approach to training is as close to perfection as I have ever experienced.  She made a topic I was less than eager to explore rewarding, a joy, and personally profitable.  I found the concepts taught applicable to all aspects of my life, not just my position in the office. 

Edna Kennedy, Superintendent, Marion ISD

I’m at Crystal Jonas workshop on Positive and Motivated Teamwork, I’m just glad she’s here; it’s very thought provoking and lets you look at your personal perceptions and I just think that too of ten we don’t take that into account when we’re talking to people and communicating to people. We don’t look at our behaviors and our interactions and how they perceive us. And I think that perceptions is a huge thing in communication. This is perfect and it fits all our needs.

Judy, College at Southern Idaho

Hi my name’s Judy, I’m here at Twin Falls Idaho with the College at Southern Idaho. I just went to a presentation with Crystal Jonas which was absolutely inspirational for our leaders at our college. She facilitated such wonderful activities and gave us such great and dynamic ideas. I think we’re all going to leave here today feeling very inspired to go back to work and do such a much better job. Not work harder, but work better! Thanks Crystal.