Cultivate Your Multiple Intelligences to Improve Student Success

 Make the most of your intelligences, especially those you are good at!  

Develop all Your multiple intelligences

 That’s Multiple intelligences, not mini intelligences. 

For ages we thought that we had one kind of IQ, the kind that IQ tests measure. It’s pretty much the same kind of intelligence that SATs measure.

Now, based on the research by Professors Howard Gardner and Robert Ornstein and the work of Tony Buzan, multi-million best selling author and the creator of Mind Maps, we know we have multiple intelligences, including creative, personal, social, and spiritual intelligences.

For you to build student success  remember that you are a multifaceted being. Be sure to cultivate all areas of your life, not just professional, or financial.

Make your goals well-balanced.  Make time for personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Studies show us that the most successful people are those who have a well-balanced approach to life. So, look into the multiple intelligences you have and use them to your advantage.

 Take an Honest Self-Test 

What’s this?  A test outside of the classroom?

Yes.  Consider it a pop quiz. It’s importance, however, goes way beyond a little pop quiz.

In order to measure how far you’ll be going as you pursue student success as well as success in the workplace you’ll need to know the point from which you’re starting.

Here’s a hard question to answer honestly.  But no one is looking over your shoulder, and you don’t even need to answer out loud, just answer honestly.

Are your results so far worthy of your potential?

Given all you are capable of, are your results reflective of this potential?

If you are like about 97% of the people I meet in my seminars and programs across the states, the answer is “Probably not.”

Well, that’s ok. Just start with an eyes-wide-open attitude about where you’re beginning your success journey.

You’ll be delighted when you start to see just how far you’ve come once you have the tools you need and start using them consistently.



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