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Are you one of those college students who claim they don’t have time do study? People are pretty casual with the way they spend their time.  Many spend over 7 hours a day watching TV, and then complain about not having enough time.  Try something different, something most don’t dare do.  Lose that TV!  At least while you’re in college.  You’ll be surprised just how you will end up spending your time!  The same goes for internet surfing, but, you’ll probably not want lose the computer just yet.

Think of time as money.  You have it, you spend it. When it’s gone, you’re SOL (So outta luck).  So, use time carefully and remember what Benjamin Franklin said, “Do not squander time, for that is the stuff Life is made of.”

Study Smarter, Study Less  Yeap-o.  You read that right.

Don’t study:

  • Anything you already know. Why should students spend their time just to study material they know?  Don’t bother re-hashing old news!
  • Anything you haven’t reviewed quickly first. Skim through your notes, text.etc. Research shows that when you quickly review within one hour, you retain what is learned even better.
  • When the TV is on. Many say they can multi-task when they study, but MOST students just think they can!
  • When your time is better spent napping. 20 minute power naps can do wonders to improve retention when you study.
  • When you’re distracted. If you’ve got a lot on your mind, perhaps you should take care of that business, particularly if it can be resolved quickly.

Better to spend 15 minutes of time with focused studying, than 60 minutes when your mind is elsewhere.  Do not even think about wasting your time this way.

Clear your head.  Focus.  Study.  Review.  Be done.

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