Is This going to be on the Test?

image of professor writing don't ask stupid questions on chalkboardYour teacher wants to think you’re there because you love to learn, don’t blow it by bringing up the question, “Is this going to be on the test?”

Double whammy if you ask when the prof is on a roll, digressing on some protracted story that lost you 10 minutes ago.  Although it seems like an intelligent question at first, it drives teachers crazy.  Why?

Teachers generally have spent copious amounts of time researching to bring you the latest and greatest information about what they teach.  Most want to pass on to you their enthusiasm for the subject so you want to learn for the sake of learning itself. In the real world, you and I know everyone can’t love every single class.  In some courses you just want to know the bottom line, “Hey, will you ask me this on a test?”

Fair enough, from the perspective on your side of the desk.  Here’s what the teacher hears when you ask that question: “Do I need to listen now, or can I zone out again, since I’m bored beyond belief, and I’m only taking this class because there was no way out of it?” While it may be the case that you are barely able to remain conscious as you listen to the professor pontificate about the topic at hand, remember, diplomacy is paramount when dealing with your teachers.

And, to improve student success it is your job to figure out what might be tested by paying close enough attention so you can tell when points are being repeated and emphasized.  Your instructor isn’t generally going to be so blatant as to say, “And this is on the test.”  If he does, consider it a gift. _________________________________________________________________

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