Send a Thank You Note, The Praise Means More than you Think!

Thank You Letter for Praising PeopleStudents in leadership positions should send letters to praise people for their efforts, and students should put their thanks in writing.





.You already know how simple courtesies help you make a positive, powerful impression in the workplace. This is a gracious action that will distinguish you with your peers and your supervisors, both with the teams you lead in school and in the future,

Take Time To Send Out Thank You Notes!

Not only can you praise people in public, you can send a thank you note as well. How rare it is to get a thank you note these days, especially those that come through snail mail. So few people take the time to send these. If you do, you will be admired and respected.

It really doesn’t seem to matter if the thank you note is typed or handwritten. The most important thing is to get that thank you note to the person in a timely fashion (1-2 business days).  Personalize the note in some way so that the person remembers who you are.  Try making the note about something the person said or likes.  It will let that person know you cared about what they thought.

Remember to say exactly what you’re praising the person for and how it helps your team. Email, Facebook, etc. are getting more prevalent, but in my book, you should always follow up that sort of thank you with a “snail-mail” version.

Of course the best approach is to send each person from a group a personalized thank you note. However, keep this in perspective!  If you’re thinking you’ve got to send one to all 100 student volunteers that helped out at a campus concert, you may be finding that mass email the way to go (yeah, forget about what I said in the previous paragraph). Do me a favor though , try and personalize some of the thank you notes alright?

You know another really special thing to do? Send a thank you note to this person’s parents. Your thoughtful actions will become legendary. So few people think enough to even say “thanks” anymore, much less to express their thanks in writing.

Please, don’t forget this thoughIt is always a great idea to openly praise people.  Instant, verbal praise, especially in front of others will send big rewards your direction. Again, always make sure your comments are sincere and focused on a specific action.



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