Friends Help Determine Success in School

image of friends in schoolKnowing who to choose as friends can improve your success in school!



This is true no matter how old you get, my friends.  Even after you leave the hallowed halls of higher education, you will be greatly influenced by the crowd you run with.

Who are your friends? Who are you hanging out with now?

Do they care about not just going to school but graduating?  Graduating on time?  Graduating on time and moving smoothly into a great job which they have prepared themselves well for?

Well, if they are, good for you.

Student success studies show that more than your level of education, or your religion, or whether you came from a two parent house, more than any other factor, your peer group will determine how successful you will be.

We become like those we hang with.

Picture your friends.  You are the average of the five people in your social circle you spend the most time with.

Scary prospect?

Consider joining a club that draws more of the people who want as much for themselves as you do.

Do you have the right friends?

Good, now you go be a good example for them, too.


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