Accept Compliments for Others if Not for Yourself

You are Beautiful complementA participant in one of my seminars that I give for college groups called “College to Career Jump-start” told me he doesn’t like to get compliments, and told his boss where he had a summer intern job not to bother because they aren’t necessary.

Wrong attitude. Always graciously accept a compliment!


Especially troublesome in this particular example is that this man was part of a team of 12 people who accomplished the task he was being complimented for. So the compliment wasn’t just for him, it was also for his team!

Allow people to say nice things about your work any time they want. Just make sure your share that compliment and say something like “Thank you! The team put a lot of thought into it. I will be sure to pass your comments on to them.”

Not only is that the gracious thing to do, it’s what a true leader would do.

This takes away nothing from you, by the way. The average person knows that it’s because of your leadership that the team was able to reach such stellar results in the first place.



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