How to Improve Success by taking a Psychology Class

empty face picHave you taken an “Intro to Psychology” course yet? It’s a great way to learn about yourself and others!

I highly recommend that you take the class as an elective, if it’s not required.  


It’s true that self-image is important After all, if you don’t see yourself as worthy of going for more, you’ll never leave the block, much less win the race.

So, while self-image is importance, it’s not the most important factor in determining your level of success.

According to research by the American Psychological Association and reported in Marcus Buckingham’s book, “The One Thing You Need to Know” self-image determines whether you’ll go for more, but self-efficacy will determine whether you will actually be successful.

Self-efficacy is seeing yourself as able to act in ways that will bring about the desired results.

Think of self-efficacy as picking up where self-image leaves off.  Self-image sees that you’re worthy, and pretty much stays in thought.

Self-efficacy is your sense that you are capable of what it takes to bring about success.  This will allow you to focus on actions leading to high-quality results.

If you don’t have a strong self-image, then you don’t believe in yourself, and your level of self- efficacy will suffer too.

We get what we expect of ourselves, so do something to improve those expectations!

For example, if you are a pre-med major and you know you’re going to have trouble with “Organic Chemistry” because everyone in your fraternity tells you that ‘friends don’t let friends take Organic Chemistry,’ well, guess what’s in store for you. Yeap. A bear of a semester with stress, worry, and uncertainty piled on top of an already maxed out schedule.

Try something. Imagine that whatever it is you are not looking forward to doing is your own personal Mount Everest . Yes, you really can do this. And it will be among the most  exhilarating things you have ever accomplished.

When you have finished and met your goal, you get bragging rights for the rest of your life. and your life will have improved. Above all, see yourself as succeeding and enjoying the journey.

So to recap…Improving your self-image you’ll raise your self-efficacy. By raising self-Efficacy you’ll improve success in the workplace, thus raising the image you have of yourself even more.

…And the cycle continues.


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