Students Who Lead with Positive Attitudes Get Results

Focus on the Positive and Remember That Attitude is Important, Especially for the New Students on Campus

having a positive attitude helps your resultsJennifer, a junior who will next year be the student in charge of Welcome Week for her college’s incoming freshmen, said that the “positive factor” is the most important element that makes new students feel comfortable and happy they chose their school. “Every student on the Welcome Week committee was first chosen for their positive attitude. It makes a huge difference in giving the new students a positive first impression of the school.”

As you lead your team, keep that positive attitude whether it only meets for a few months a year, or for the better part of the entire year.  Remember, most of the time, these students are volunteers, and they have tons of responsibilities outside of this group, you must lead in order to keep their attitude positive as well!

Catch people in the act of being good, smart, funny, helpful, selfless, any value you’d like to reinforce.  Praise them openly and be specific about what they did and how that helps to further the mission of the group.

When you are praising people, especially the new students, use their names, look them in the eye, and be sincere.  It’s amazing how you will find students going out of their way to do well when they know they are appreciated.

School can be tough and many people put in a lot of effort with very little reward or recognition. Frequent, prompt, and honest praise will go a long way in helping students stay on track when it seems that no one is noticing their contributions.

Stay focused on the all the great unique talents your people bring to the group and they will continue to live up to your high expectations.

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