Time Management Tip For Students – Be There and Be on Time

Here’s a time management tip for students to  avoid one of professors’ biggest peeves.  They don’t care for students who can’t make it on time for class.


Do you keep people waiting for you?  Do you show up even a couple of minutes late? Once in a while, you say?  Hardly ever happens?  Well, ok, then.  If it truly rarely happens, not a concern of yours.  Again, this is something only you can answer.

Being a couple of minutes late still sends the message that you don’t have your life in enough order to be where you need to be when you need to be there. Yikes!  Pretty tough language, isn’t it?  But look, you’re not reading this to read the same old stuff you’ve read before.

Someone needs to come face to face with you, or page to face with you and let you know that being late is NOT ok.  Remember that you’ll have the opportunity to make connections and form networks with people that you will probably never have the chance to be around again.  And what they think of you matters.

Be kind.  Be courteous.  Be on time, all the time.

Here’s one more time management tip for students:

You’re busy.  Sometimes so busy, you may wonder how you’ll ever get everything finished.

You may find yourself in Biology, thinking about how you’re going to finish that English paper.  Or in the library looking at your History book while you’re thinking about that fight you had with your best friend yesterday.

There’s an old saying and it goes like this “Where ever you are, be there.”

Kinda silly sounding, but when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.  Any time you’re in one spot, thinking about something totally unrelated to what’s going on, in that moment, you are wasting your time, effort, and energy. Time management for all students is critical for success as well as for enjoying the college experience.

And these are precious commodities.  Apply your attention well and “be there.”


College Success Speaker, Crystal Jonas- Bio Link
Crystal Jonas Bio

As a former academic advisor and assistant professor at the United States Air Force Academy, Crystal Jonas knows what it takes to improve time management for students, make school more enjoyable and help students be more successful.

Ask about speaking or coaching for your students or faculty. Call Crystal at 719- 291-0366.


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