Are You a Student Interested in Time Management? Then Ask Yourself the Right Question

For many students, figuring out time management in school can be a difficult task.


I’ve heard it said that people can count on getting spending about 28% of their day getting interrupted.  Does that sound about right to you?

The problem is, once we’re interrupted, it can be hard to get back on task. Some people never do refocus once they’re distracted!

You cannot afford to be one of those people.  So, as soon as you’re able to extract yourself from that interruption you’ve got to ask yourself the following time management question:  “What’s the best use of my time right now?”

I trust that you will know exactly what the answer is, or where to find the answer, because you’ve written down your plan and you know exactly what your priorities are.

Look, no crime in getting interrupted.  It’s gonna happen.  The key to good time management is in how quickly you can get back on track!

Oh, by the way here is one more time management tip for you to consider.

As you work on your main plan, and you list the actions you’re going to take this week, make sure you’re tracking how that’s coming along for you.

I carry a little notebook and will check off the item as I complete it.  Not only can I tell at a glance how far I’ve come and how much more I need to do, I get a real kick out of checking things off that list.

I especially like checking things off the list because I know how important those things are to my reaching my goals.  Give this a try, I think you’ll enjoy it!


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