Student Success Tip-Beware of Feedback from Emotional Snipers

Your first student success tip on feedback is that you need to overlook the feedback you get from people without integrity.


We know that if we’re going to keep improving, then we’re going to need to get some tough feedback from time to time and suck it up so that we can learn from it, improve and move onward and upward.  Student success demands that you look at continual improvement.

When people have integrity, they could be in a position to give good feedback.

However, what you need to be on the lookout for here is people who don’t have integrity who try to give you constructive criticism.

You’re right to think that not everyone has your best interest at heart and there may be people who give you cutting remarks in the guise of “helping you.”

These are not nice people.  They may even pretend to like you and then whammo!  Out of left field they hit you with a cutting comment to “help” you out.

I call these people “emotional snipers.”

Your job will be to tune in and see if you’ve heard those kinds of comments from others you do respect.  If you continue to get the same feedback, it’s time to start tweaking how you do things.

Here’s some age-old wisdom to help you out:  “If one person calls you a jackass, you can overlook it.  If ten people call you a jackass, saddle up!”

Your second student success tip on feedback is to always listen to feedback from people with integrity, even when it hurts!

We’re back to this continual improvement thing to help with student success.

Some people will love you enough to tell you the truth, even when it may hurt to hear it.

What you need to know is that although these people have hearts of gold and honestly really do want to help  you, it doesn’t mean that they have good communication skills.

Your best friend or trusted family member wants to let you know that maybe the reason why your grades are taking a nosedive is not because your school “only hires jerks as professors.” They could be trying to tell you that you’ve stopped studying and started partying a little too much.

That might not be so easy to hear.

When you work hard to go to school, and to have a job you probably feel that you deserve a break. And you do.  They’re just trying to help you get some balance around play and work.

You know yourself.  You’re smart.  Sooner or later you’re going to have a quiet moment to yourself and say, “you know, they’re right.  They might not say it beautifully, but the point is right and they care about me.”

You know that feeling that you eventually come to anyway that lets you know that you should at least open up to the input of good people who care about you?

Perhaps its time to listen to their feedback to speed up the learning curve and get you where you want to be a whole lot faster.


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