Student Success Tip-Get a Handle on the Mind Chatter

I read that we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day.  Can you imagine the success you would have if all these thoughts were productive!


It’s as though we have a steady stream of chatter going on inside our heads.  I guess those million, million brain cells have to have something to do!

True, you cannot control all your thoughts, but in order to improve your student success rate, you’ll need to watch the quality of those thoughts.

Psychologists, spiritual leaders, and even our moms have told us in one way or another that we become what we think about.

If our thoughts are negative, and we tell ourselves we can’t do well on essay tests, well, guess what, my friend, your behavior will not disappoint your word.

What you need to know is that when you have a thought, your brain actually creates a path between brain cells.  The more you have that same negative thought, the deeper that path becomes.

This means it becomes easier and easier for you to slip into that groove of negative thinking.

What’s a person to do?

To improve your student success , the answer to this is quite simple:

Create new pathways by imagining yourself making A’s on all those essay tests. The more emotion and excitement and strong feeling you put into these thoughts, the better.

See, your brain doesn’t know and frankly, doesn’t even care if this event is actually taking place or not. It simply stores the reaction you’re programming into it.

It will have no choice to respond to the more positive mind chatter and create the event you’ve programmed it for.


College Success Speaker, Crystal Jonas- Bio Link
Crystal Jonas Bio

As a former academic advisor and assistant professor at the United States Air Force Academy, Crystal Jonas knows what it takes to make college students more successful, and enjoy school whole lot more.

Ask about speaking or coaching for your students or faculty. Call Crystal at 719- 291-0366.

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