Leaders have Direction and Share it with their Teammates

 Great leaders are always clear about the direction they have for their team and will always keep them informed. 

Leaders have Direction and Tell their Teammates about it.As the leader, you’re responsible for letting your team know what the goals are. 

One of the biggest frustrations people have when they work in groups is that the leaders don’t give clear guidance on what the target is.

Your team can’t hit a bull’s eye when they don’t even know where the dartboard is.

State your goals clearly, and even consider posting them for all to see.  People are very visual, and you can help them stay focused and motivated by having a clear picture of where they are now in reaching their goals, and how much further they have to go.

Leaders Lead by Example

Lisa, new to the Student Government Association at a Big Ten university wrote to me to say that from her first SGA meeting, she knew she was in a great organization.

“The president is always on time, on the point of the agenda, and respectful of every member of the SGA, even us freshmen!”

More than anything, how you act consistently will tell people the kind of person you are.

It so easy to talk about what should be done; it’s quite another thing to actually do what should be done. People are noticing not what your words say, but what your actions say.

Lead by example and lead from the front.

What this means to you is consistently being on time to meetings (and by the way, end them on time, too), finish projects by the deadline, or before, and show respect to others.


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