A Student Leader Needs To Be Flexible In The Approach To Their Team

If you are a student leader, you  must have clear-cut, well-defined goals, and make sure you are open and flexible in how you reach that goal.


If you have a “high-performance” team, then it’s even more important that the student leader gets their input into how to achieve these goals.

High-performance teams are made up of people who know their jobs well, and have a clear idea of what’s expected of them. They have a firm grasp about the task at hand, but are not necessarily the best students at school.

If you want your team to buy into your goals, then you’ll want to get them to buy in early. Do this by asking their opinions on the best way to accomplish the goal.

Naturally, a student leader must ask for other peoples opinions, so  if you’re asking, then you’re going to want to make sure that you are implementing their ideas as much as possible. This is where your flexibility comes in. You’ll want to be open to adding your team’s ideas to the mix, so you can’t go into the project thinking that there’s one way to do it and that’s your way. You’ve got to be willing to trust that you’re not the only one with great ideas on how to get things done.


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