Target SMART Goals for College Success

 Goal Setting targetUnderstand SMART goals to get you on target for success!

SMART goals can be used  for anything from a long-term goal of graduating with a certain GPA, to a short-term goal like the best way to make your student leadership groups next fund-raiser a shining success. Specific – Precisely describe the goal. Remember, they must know exactly where the target is in order to hit it. Measurable – Quantify your goals. This inspires people to stay on track because they can readily see how far they’ve come, and how much further they have to go. Attainable – Aim high, but not so high that the objective is unreachable. If you want to stretch your group, ask their opinion, and get their agreement. Do reserve the right for you as a team to revisit the goals and set new objectives as necessary. Realistic – Has the objective been reached before? If not, you may want to take a second look. Time limit – Have a date when your goals will be met. The old saying is that goals without a deadline are just dreams. Along with developing SMART goals, Student Leadership Teams should collaborate and use it to their advantage. Hook up with others and brainstorm “best practices” together. Working together, you are much more powerful than when working alone. Putting your heads together allows you to share common concerns and learn from the mistakes of others. Also, you can run ideas by this group before presenting them to your own team. Combining collaboration along with SMART goals will help you troubleshoot and iron out all kinds of problems you might be facing.


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Hi, I’m Crystal Jonas, As a former academic advisor and assistant professor at the United States Air Force Academy, I know what it takes to make college students more successful, and enjoy school whole lot more. Ask about speaking or coaching for your students or faculty. Call me at 719- 291-0366.

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