Get Results-Use Right Thinking Instead of Positive Thinking for Success

So Just what is the difference between right thinking and positive thinking? And how can understanding the difference help you with your career choice?

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Now before you misunderstand my meaning, yes, I do want you to be positive.  However, I’m not a big fan of positive thinking because I fear it has been misunderstood and misapplied.

Right Thinking emphasizes the importance of using your mental power to direct your focus and energy on that which you do want.

Distinguished from positive thinking, right thinking is about staying focused on what you do want, which makes it positive, however, it extends to using that brilliance to create plans of actions, and the attitude that allows you to carry out those actions, and to hold yourself accountable for the results.

Here’s an example of the difference between the two thinking processes:

Positive thinking: “I will get a great job after graduation.”

Right thinking: “Since I plan to get a great job after graduation, what I need to be doing now and over the next years of my college experience is . . . (and your plan goes here.) And the way I’ll make sure I’m on track is . . . (And your accountability plan goes here.)

You should always consider using right thinking concepts before you set goals for yourself for your schooling and/or for your career choice.  And it is wise to do some background work first.

Success is a struggle to those who are pursuing someone else’s dream or who are trying to fit into the job they’re in by default rather than design. In other words, do not become a doctor because your family thinks you would be a good one, unless that really is what you want and know you’d excel at.

And you should not keep a job just because it’s easy to get and they’ll promote you to assistant manager after you finish your associate’s degree, unless, of course, that easy job is your dream job!  Right thinking rather than positive thinking is the smart way to go here for sure!

Do some quiet self-reflection to think about what your strengths are; what are you naturally good at?  If you could design your dream job, what would it be? If you’re stumped here, and often people are, ask some friends what they think you do well, and start to notice what skills you really enjoy using.  What comes easily to you that others find challenging?

Now, I’m not a big wake up at 4am every day, contemplate your belly button and write in your journal for hours kind of gal. However, since what you’re doing is the basis for designing your own extraordinary life, I’m sure you’ll agree you’re worthy of the time and thought that will go into identifying what your natural strengths are, right?


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