Stop Holding Yourself Back, Tap into Your Full Potential and Achieve the Life of Your Dreams

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Stop Holding Yourself Back, Tap into Your Full Potential and Achieve the Life of Your Dreams

Welcome to “Success!” Here’s you’ll discover exactly how to get out of your own way and bring out the best in yourself. You’ll learn ways to build authentic connections and how to achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

Since 2003, I’ve been teaching people all over the world how to leverage positive psychology, neuroscience and philosophy to create amazing results in all areas of their lives.

This program has helped people all over the world transform and take their lives to the next level.

Enjoy your journey as you create a lifestyle you love doing work that inspires. You’ll be so happy you started today!



Goal Setting And Getting: Profitable Strategies To Achieve Your Goals Faster

  • The first step to positive, lasting transformation
  • What to do immediately to jumpstart success
  • Three powerful resources you always have available
  • The surprising truth about willpower and why you’ll never see it the same way again
  • The order of success; get this wrong and game over
  • Why most ‘to do’ lists waste time
  • Fun facts about goals, what the most successful people know
  • Proven keys to keep you energized, focused and motivated
  • Magnetic affirmations and success-crushing mistakes to avoid
  • Faith works – here’s how to use it the right way



Social Savvy and Your Professional Image: Stop Credibility Killers That Destroy Your Authority and Reputation

  • Why you don’t “deserve” it unless. . .
  • Your #1 success predictor
  • The tiny amount of information on which your reputation is based
  • Key qualities for job security
  • Why you might be seen as a complainer
  • How to talk to a “no-bull” boss
  • When tolerance goes too far
  • How to firmly and professionally set boundaries
  • Exactly what to do when you’re mad
  • Beware the impact of your bad mood



Social Capital and Career Advancement: How to Cultivate Respected Mentors Who Are Happy to Help You

  • What Social Capital is, and isn’t and why you should care
  • What really gets rewarded
  • What you don’t know about your corporate culture WILL hurt you
  • 5 specific ways mentors can help you make more money
  • What never to do when your mentor gives you “tough love”
  • Career-enhancing, income boosting tip
  • Ethical games savvy professionals play and why you should not be sitting on the sidelines
  • Boost your professional presence in one business day



Self-Management: How to Manage Your Emotions and Stay Calm, Even in Times of Chaos

  • Why to be glad there are difficult people in the world
  • Two ways to get chatty people out of your office – and still be seen as kind
  • Five fast ways to get calm before you go “supernova”
  • ­­How to side-step the death trap of “OTT Anger”
  • How to calmly express strong emotions and keep a great reputation
  • A gracious way to recover from blunders
  • A powerful perspective shift to conserve your emotional energy



Powerful Impression Management: How to Positively Influence How People See You

  • The startling basis for your reputation
  • What you must know before explaining your bad mood
  • The surprising way you reveal your true self
  • When to tweak your communication style
  • How to be liked by people unlike you
  • Five needs everybody has – feed these to be more likeable
  • The golden opportunity to build your career in three important ways
  • Red flags that undermine your credibility



Profitable Priority Management: Gain Rewards, Respect, and Recognition for Accomplishing the Right Things at the Right Time

  • Where the fortune is
  • Two important ways time is like money
  • The cold, hard truth about ‘hard work’
  • Savvy self-promotion; two simple ways to toot your horn without blowing it
  • How to say ‘no’ without saying ‘no’ and look good doing it
  • How you might be encouraging micromanagement
  • How to lessen perfectionism overload without lowering high standards
  • How to work less without seeming like a slacker
  • The practice that guarantees you live richly, here and now



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