Mean People Stink, Don’t Let Them Waste Your Time

Part of managing your time means you have to let things go quickly

Managing your time often means you have let goYou know what stinks?
Mean people.

Problem is a college student can waste a lot of time obsessing over someone else’s bad behavior. This is one very important aspect of time management many students don’t ever consider.

Have you ever spent your valuable time wondering what some students were thinking about you or reliving an embarrassing situation? Of course you have.

Problem with that is that it sends you into a black hole of major time drain. Improvements in time management can be made by just letting go of what could have been.

Whenever you spend your oh so precious time worrying about what you or someone else could have done differently but didn’t, remind yourself that every minute you spent stuck in that unhappy, uncomfortable memory, is 60 seconds you’ve lost doing something to make you feel good about yourself and others.

My personal philosophy regarding time management that I tell college students across the country is that “no amount of time is enough if you don’t know how you’re going to spend it.” Choose not to waste it on mean people, you’ll be happier for it!

Give yourself this personal time management goal. Without goals, students can drift through college without direction. Save yourself a lot of time, have a goals to focus your attention away from mean people.

Make sure you are clear about your values and goals and have a plan for your time. I always say that students who didn’t learn effective time management goals work for people who do. Which group will you be in?


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