College Success Books Make School Fun-Books for all College and University Students

With her books for college students, Crystal Jonas cracks the code to success in college. A former instructor and academic advisor at the USAF Academy, one of the nations’ most academically demanding schools reveals the secrets to college success in her books.

Books for College Students

It’s true, too many students who start college don’t finish. Imagine how fun, simple, and rewarding college will be when you have these easy to follow, step-by-step books (and CD’s) clearly showing you the way to college graduation and your dream job. Everything you need to know as a college student is right here at your fingertips. These books will make your life in college fun, and you’ll get more done with less effort. Students will learn how to: fit in fast and adjust quickly to school, make the grade and still have time for fun, discover your untapped potential, and jump-start career success! The College Success System which includes all 4 books, takes a student from Day 1 through to making sure that dream job is waiting upon graduation.  All the study skills, time management tips, and Social Savvy any student needs to graduate on time, move into a great job, and enjoy the process! Students who don’t have access to the College Success System will be missing out on valuable insider info* that will help them get a jump-start on school and make sure they fit in quickly with the study skills to make the grades and the social skills to get the great job upon graduation.

The Books:

Book #1: College Success Your Way

  • the biggest mistakes college students make
  • Success maker–how students can avoid professors’ pet peeves
  • winning ways to study smarter, not harder in college for success
  • a powerful plan to launch your career while in school

Book #2: Student Leadership 101

  • Be the kind of student others respect and listen to for leadership advice
  • Essential image makers and breakers needed by all college students in leadership training
  • Master key skills of dynamic leadership in and out of college
  • Discover communication skills that enhance teamwork

Book #3: Student Success 101

  • As a college student, you will discover how to get more done in less time
  • Reduce worry and frustration  in college
  • Be positively productive
  • Do well in school and still have time for life

Book #4: Student Time Management 101

  • Discover hidden talents that make you unique as a student and as an individual
  • Stay happy and goal focused no matter how crazy life gets
  • Cultivate the qualities that have employers calling you
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem


Hi, I’m Crystal Jonas,

As a former academic advisor and assistant professor at the United States Air Force Academy, I know what it takes to make college students more successful, enjoy school whole lot more.  My books are a great start!

Ask about speaking or coaching for your students or faculty. Call me at 719- 291-0366.

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