Leadership Matters Most During Difficult Times

When your’e in charge, the whole group is noticing how you respond to situations, both good and bad.

Follow Me - Leadership in Difficult TimesKeep in mind that they are especially paying attention when the going gets tough. Leslie from the University of Florida had to remind herself of this when there was a project her group was working on and half the people weren’t doing their share of the work. Nick from a university in Louisiana recalled this when his group thought they were going to get money to put on an event and it fell through at the last minute.

Look, all people can be at their best in good times. The test is how do you behave when the going gets tough?

When the going gets tough for your team, do you allow yourself to take part in any of the whining and hard feelings of the group? When you or a member of your team makes a mistake, do you vent for days about the fact?

Or do you talk openly about lessons learned and move on?

Do you say one thing and then do another?

Remember that difficult times do not build character; they reveal it.

When life is less than great and circumstances are not on your side, that’s when your true character is revealed.

Your team looks to you for how to behave during difficult times. Stay calm when the going gets tough and they will come to respect you even more than they do now.

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