Know Why High Yield activities are a must for Non-Traditional Students

“The Universe does not reward hard work, it rewards recognized results.”-Crystal Jonas

Non-Traditional Programs

Ask Yourself the Ultimate Energy-Management Questions:

  • 1. How can I get more done with less energy?
  • 2. Was I involved in a high yield activity?

I see non-traditional college students who seem genuinely surprised and sometimes personally offended that their hours and hours of research do not automatically garner and “A” on their English paper. It doesn’t matter if you spent night after night revising it, giving up TV, dinners with friends, and even sack time. All that matters is that your teacher recognizes high quality results.

Traditional or non-traditional students, the bottom line is simple, the effort that went into these projects is inconsequential; all that matters is the result. Start shifting your focus to achieving high quality results. You’ll be amazed with how much faster you can accomplish things that you can be proud of.

Oftentimes the non-traditional students find that accomplishing things seem overwhelming. After all, they have so many more things in their lives to balance than the traditional student has to deal with. One thing non-traditional students can do to prevent feeling overwhelmed is to combine activities that go well together so more gets done with less effort.

For example, if you like to exercise, take a friend along. You get fun time and your workout at the same time. As an added bonus, if your friend is in the same class as you, why not do a little review while you are working out or driving to the gym?  The lives of the non-traditional student often mean they have a family and have to do housework. If you cannot seem to find the time or hate to do housework, (Who doesn’t?) mentally review your notes from today’s or yesterday’s class while you clean.  Your space will be straight before you know it and you’ll be reviewing without taking any extra time out of your already busy day.  Another example is to write vocabulary words for French onto index cards and carry those cards. Next time you’re waiting on someone or something, you can use those 5 to 10 minutes to review.

When you combine activities that complement each other well, you get much more done in much less time. Non-traditional students in particular must be sure to stay on track and do what matters most in the course of a day. First, know what you want to accomplish that day, and second ask yourself what I call the ultimate question “Was I involved in a high-yield activity?” High-yield activities are only those that get you closer to your goals.

Only you know the answer to this question. Be honest. Often at first, you will find the answer will be that it was not a high-yield activity. Not a problem, simply decide if you’d like to correct your course, and if you would, do so immediately.


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