Help Students Grow Personally-Find Out What’s Important

There’s an old saying that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


College students aren’t just worker bees; they have full lives of their own. Most people want to be successful; they just have no idea how to do it.

You could be the person to take a personal interest in what’s truly important to your team. Guide your students and encourage them to aspire to be who they are at their best.

In balancing their lives with personal growth and professional development, not only are they happy and fulfilled, they will be even more inspired to help you fulfill your vision for the team.

Always remember what’s important to them.

Funny how people think that others are so hard to figure out.

Most students in college will tell you precisely what you need to know to connect with them on a personal level. All you have to do is listen.

To be a really good listener, you pay attention not only to the words, but to the emotions behind the words. Ask then how they feel about what they’re talking about. Are they happy, excited, concerned?

Notice that this tip starts with “remember” what’s important to them.  The operative word is remember.

Okay, so you listen well, and the students open up to you. Can you remember it later so you can follow up with them on it? If your mind is sieve-like and you tend to immediately brain dump everything that’s not mission essential, you need to look at small talk in a new light.

What you learn during small talk actually is mission essential. If you know you’ll soon forget what you’ve just discussed, keep one of those little spiral notebooks so you can jot a note about the person you spoke with, when, and what you discussed.

Extra important is noting when you’d like to follow up with them on this matter. Students will appreciate your interest.


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As a former academic advisor and assistant professor at the United States Air Force Academy, Crystal Jonas knows what it takes to make college students more successful, and enjoy school whole lot more.

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