Student Success Tip-Know the Difference between Busy and Productive

There’s an old saying, “It’s not enough to be busy. What are you busy about?”


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times from all of your responsibilities as a college student.

Sometimes it seems that every professor you have is a different ‘boss.’ So you may have 4 different professors to please in a semester, plus, your real boss at work, plus, you have friends that expect you to save some time for them, and  you’re also involved in organized student activities.

When people feel overwhelmed, they frequently stop focusing on the quality of the activity they’re involved in and start to misdirect their energy to a high quantity of activity.

All too often, college students tend to fill their time with a bunch of easy stuff, because at least they’re doing something, and it makes them feel productive.

What might this ‘easy’ stuff be?  It will vary based on the person.

Some students might spend yet another hour in the library doing more research for a paper they really don’t want to write when they have all the material they need already.

Others will suddenly be overcome with a need to organize their desk just when they should be studying for the big final exam.

Be sure that you take care of your time and energy and only spend them on activities that will truly get you closer to what you want most.

And don’t confuse busy work with productive work.  Busy work wastes time and the “real” stuff still has to be dealt with when you’re done spinning your wheels from all that busy work

Get to the big stuff first.  Then take a well-deserved break when you’re done.  You’ll have time to spare because you haven’t wasted in on things that didn’t need to be done in the first place.

How smart are you?



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