Avoid being the Complacent Frog-College Student Success Tip

Legend has it that if you put a frog in a pot of water on slow simmer, it will stay there until it’s no longer able to jump out.


Toss it in to a pot on high boil, and it’s gonna hop right out of there.

The frog in the first case is complacent, thinking in its own little frog way, “Well, it’s not really that bad.  I can handle it.” And then it reaches the point where it can no longer help itself.

The lives of many of us, including college students, tend to reach that intolerable high boil point slowly, starting on low simmer.  Not realizing that we are in a slow simmer situation, we put up with our situation, even though it’s ultimately not getting any closer to what we want to achieve because we are, you guessed it, ‘complacent frogs.’

Nick, a college student at a University in Arizona , sent me an e-mail after listening to my CD set “The Power of Purpose” where I go much further into depth on this topic.

He said that this was exactly what had happened to him as a student at the end of his first semester as a Sophomore. Nick  had overloaded his schedule, taking 5 classes, although one was a lab and required greater prep, he was working crazy graveyard shift hours to earn extra money, and was dating a girl he didn’t particularly like just because he felt he didn’t have the time to break up with her!

Wow!  Talk about being on a long slow simmer.  Nick’s point was that he learned his lesson after that semester.  He felt so stressed his grades took a dive and his health went with it.  He says he’s learned to take action right away to hop out of that slow simmer situation.

I’ll let Nick speak for himself “It (correcting your bad situation) will take some effort, but it’s better than getting cooked because you just put up with things you shouldn’t.”


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