Two Career Success Tips for College Students-Voice Your Values and State Your Purpose

So what should a college student remember when looking for a successful career? Below are two tips just for you!


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Tip #1 Voice Your Values

Successful people know what matters most in the world to them and they make sure their life reflects those priorities.

You will be offered so many opportunities in your life it’s impossible to even fathom them all in this moment.

In order to live your life by design and not default and choice rather than chance, you need to clearly articulate what your values are.

Many people in my workshops will list values such as faith, family, health, contribution, abundance, etc.

The important point is, what do you value?

As you design your life, you’ll want to know first and foremost what you value most, so that every decision you make will be in keeping with those values.

Tip #2 State Your Purpose

I am humbled by the talent and potential I see in college students I meet as I deliver my “Cash in on College” programs across the United States .

I’m convinced that these students could change the world for the better with their contributions to society.

I’m saddened when I think of how often that potential goes untapped because these brilliant students never clearly articulate what they are on this earth to accomplish.

A Freshman in California once asked my “Don’t you think I’m a little young to be doing something as major as writing this statement of purpose you’re talking about?”

“Well,” I answered, “if not now, when?”
People without their own sense of direction follow whichever way the wind blows.

Or as I like to say, “People who don’t have goals work for people who do.”

The more clear you can be about what you’re here to accomplish, the more quickly you will be successful and enjoy the process.

Your ‘statement of purpose’ will help you harness all of that potential of yours with the focus of sunlight through a magnifying glass.  And you know the power of that.


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As a former academic advisor and assistant professor at the United States Air Force Academy, Crystal Jonas knows what it takes to make non-traditional college students more successful, and enjoy school whole lot more.

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