Crystal Jonas, Author and Motivation Expert 

for College Students & Faculty

Crystal Jonas is a nine-time published author, with four books for college and college-bound students, and an internationally published book: “Emotional Intelligence Secrets”.

Crystal is a former Assistant Professor and Academic Advisor at the USAF Academy. She has done keynote speaking for students from high school through college and has spoken at numerous schools from Florida to Hawaii, including Princeton, University of Notre Dame, and the Chase Foundation Scholars recipients.

Since 2003, Crystal Jonas has delivered over 1,200 presentations (keynotes and seminars) at schools, corporations and government agencies.

Crystal’s 4 books for students:

  • “Student Time Management 101”
  • “Student Success 101”
  • “Student Leadership 101”
  • “College Success Your Way”

Other publications by Crystal Jonas:

  • “The Heart and Science of Success”
  • “Irresistibly Confident”
  • “Success”
  • “Emotional Intelligence Secrets”

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