Do It Like Ben Franklin-Student Success Tip

Here’s how Ben Franklin can help you gain success in life


One of this great statesmen of the United States was Ben Franklin.

When Ben was a young man, perhaps right around the age you are now, he started thinking about what he wanted to accomplish in his life. Then, he went on to write out a list of all the qualities he needed to cultivate in order to be the person he knew he could be.

When he’d written down these qualities, he went on to carefully define what each meant to him.

Throughout his life, Franklin cultivated those qualities.  He read through them on a regular basis and would track to make sure he was consistently behaving according to those values he’d defined for himself.

Think about what you’d like to accomplish with all that potential you have.

What qualities will you need to cultivate over your lifetime to make sure you are the person you need to be to live up to your potential?


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