Be a Groupie for Student Time Management Success

This is one of the biggest time saving tips you could use.


Ok, by groupie, I mean someone who groups like things together.

Here’s how it works. Do you need to call two of your professors to set up 20 minute appointments, call your boss to confirm next month’s days off, and call a contact your advisor passed on to you to set up an informational interview*?

Excellent!  Make all these calls at one sitting.

Need to do some research for your English paper?  While you’re at the library, also look up that reference you needed for your History paper.

Going to the store to pick up pet food?  Well, get your weekly groceries now, Fluffy isn’t the only one who needs to eat.

Grouping like activities together can save you hours and hours a week.  Yes, it takes a few minutes to plan. But we are talking an investment of minutes to get a return of hours.  And you don’t need to be an Econ major to know that’s just good ROI (return on investment.)

* Informational interviews are a tip I give in “College Success” so you can get in front of high decision makers at the places you think you’d like to work.


College Success Speaker, Crystal Jonas- Bio Link
Crystal Jonas Bio

As a former academic advisor and assistant professor at the United States Air Force Academy, Crystal Jonas knows what it takes to make college students more successful, and enjoy school whole lot more.

Ask about speaking or coaching for your students or faculty. Call Crystal at 719- 291-0366.

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