6 Great Reasons to Go to Class
Crystal Jonas

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1.  Itís expensive to pay and not go.  Itís your money.  Ok, maybe your parents are helping too?  Either way, donít you just hate it when you pay for something and then donít use it?  Like that text book you bought and never looked at again?  Make sure you get the most of your investment by going to class.

2. Your professor may put a high premium on attendance. Funny thing is, she may even say she doesnít care if you come or not.  But I donít recommend you test her.  Not going shows you donít care, and you sure donít want the teacher thinking you donít care about her class.

3. Itís a responsible habit that can have long-term payoffs.  Weíre grown ups now.  We keep our commitments.  Signing up for a class is like saying, ďIíll be there.  Count me in.  See you there.Ē Few people stand behind their commitments, so if youíre someone who does, you will distinguish yourself from the masses out there, and be well respected at school, then in your chosen career.

4. You will learn more than if you stay away.  You are working way too hard to make good grades if you start missing class.  Itís one of the biggest kept secrets to making the grade in college.  Prep before class, go to class, listen, review soon after.  Piece of cake, and a lot less work than any other method out there.

5. You get to know other students in the class.  And this is a good thing.  Not only do you get to hear the great questions of others that you might not have thought to ask, you may also find others to study with so you donít have to struggle in a class you find more difficult.  Letís not forget either that school isnít just about making the grade and graduating, itís also about making friends you may keep the rest of your life.  A good place to find those friends is right there in class.

6. Itís where the answers are. How else will you know whatís on the test?

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